Open calendars

Open Calendars

The Santa Ana Municipal Code (SAMC) Chapter 2, Article II.III, Section 2-155  requires the Calendars of Certain Officers to be posted on the City’s website.  Copies of the previous month are posted, if other months are needed, please contact the City Clerk's office at: (714) 647-6520 during regular business hours to make your request.

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SAMC Sec. 2-155 – Calendars of Certain City Officials

  • Members of the City Council (including the Mayor), the City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney, Community Development Agency Director, Finance and Management Services Director, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director, Planning and Building Director, Planning and Building Director Police Chief, Director of External Affairs, and Public Works Director shall maintain a monthly City Calendar.
  • The Calendar shall include all scheduled City-related appointments, meetings, including regular and special City Council meetings, meetings with developers, meetings with union representatives, meetings with consultants, meetings with lobbyists, regional meetings, and meetings of subcommittees or task forces.
  • The Calendars of the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager, and other department heads listed in subsection (a) shall be a public record subject to inspection during normal business hours at the office of the Clerk of the Council and additionally available in electronic format on the City's official website.
  • Each City-related appointment must include the following information: name(s), title(s), affiliated organization(s) and a general statement of the issues discussed. The following information shall be exempted:
  1. Personal appointments, including personal business appointments
  2. Information protected by the attorney-client privilege
  3. Information about attorney work product
  4. Information about City staff recruitment
  5. Information about a personnel issue
  6. Information about corporate recruiting and retention
  7. Information about criminal investigations and security
  8. Information about whistle blowers
  9. Information about those who reasonably fear that public disclosure of the fact of their appointment will result in retaliation that will result in significant economic, physical or other tangible harm
  10. Information that is otherwise prohibited from disclosure
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