Plaza Wellness

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On Saturday, September 6, 2014, The City of Santa Ana produced its first 5K Run with almost 1,000 participants from all ages.


The route took runners through the historic Downtown Santa Ana passing beautiful landmarks such as the OC Courthouse, Spurgeon Building, booming 4th Street, Sasscer Park, and the Garfield Community Center. After the run, everyone was welcome to participate in Zumba exercises, and to watch the VIP Basketball Game. The Plaza Wellness offered a health and resource fair that furthered community education on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.




Women 5000 Run
First: #767 Dolores, Castro Time: 19:19.36
Second: #764 Avendano, Swemicar Time: 19:40.59
Third: #920 Razo, Alexa Time: 19:40.98
Men 5000 Run
First: #641 Suarez, Jorge Time: 15:45.69
Second: #175 Dominguez, Danny Time: 15:45.97
Third: #642 Suarez, Tomas Time: 15:50.35


Complete Results (pdf)