Butterflies and Moths

Goodnight, ButterflyGoodnight, Butterfly bookcover

by Burach, Ross

Readers will laugh themselves silly as they learn to find their inner calm and settle for sleep–even when they wake in the night–while also discovering the difference between nocturnal and diurnal animals.



Moth & ButterflyMoth & Butterfly : ta-da! bookcover

by Petty, Dev

Metamorphosis brings astonishing and exciting changes to a pair of caterpillar friends, who take pride in being the same and different.



Buzz Off, Bee!Buzz off, Bee! bookcover

by Jinks, Jenny

This adorably illustrated story about a bee looking for flowers to pollinate will delight emergent readers while supporting and developing reading skills.




Uni and the ButterflyUni and the butterfly bookcover

by Ransom, Candice F.

Uni has a new friend, a butterfly! First, Uni finds its cocoon and cares for it. It’s incredible to watch nature’s magic as the cocoon develops into and emerges as a butterfly. But Uni notices that the butterfly seems sad while other butterflies that are flying free seem really happy. So, it’s time to say goodbye and allow the butterfly the freedom it deserves.


Marion’s Got the ButterfliesMarion's got the butterflies bookcover

by Barkley, Callie

Marion learns that there’s going to be a butterfly release event at the Santa Vista Arboretum. And she decides she wants to be a part of it! So she volunteers to spread the word and lead the arts and crafts table at the event. Even though none of her friends can make it, she hopes her younger sister, Gabby, will come. But then she remembers that Gabby is afraid of bugs. Can Marion help the butterflies and help Gabby get over her fear?


The Last BeekeeperThe last beekeeper bookcover

by Cartaya, Pablo

Facing a world dually altered by climate change and those who profit from it, Yolanda CicerĂ³n will have to fight to save the last known beehive from extinction in this stirring new adventure by award-winning author Pablo Cartaya.



Senorita MariposaSenorita Mariposa bookcover

by Mister G

A captivating and child-friendly look at the extraordinary journey that monarch butterflies take each year from Canada to Mexico; with a text in both English and Spanish.



Amigos PolinizadoresAmigos polinizadores bookcover

by Mangor, Jodie

Meet the pollinators! We can thank this very important group for many of the things we eat! These interesting insects, birds, mammals, and lizards all have a very important job: they help plants reproduce. Find out who pollinates what, and how.



How Are Plants Pollinated?How are plants pollinated? bookcover

by Raij, Emily

Plants make pollen so more plants can grow. The pollen needs to get from plant to plant. How does this happen? Let’s investigate pollination!




Something WonderfulSomething wonderful center

by Ritter, Matt

This educational and interactive picture book immerses the reader in the strange and interwoven lifecycles of the rainforest. The beautifully illustrated pages follow the journey of a fig seedling making its own roots and leaves, growing strong, and eventually replacing the giant tree that was its host.



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