5th & Harbor Mixed-Use Development

Posted on May 8, 2024


419 N Harbor Blvd.

Santa Ana



Elevations, Renderings, Plans & Photos:

Elevations Site Plan View from Figueroa looking West View from 5th & Harbor looking South East

Project Description:

The applicant, Excel Property Management Services, Inc., is proposing to construct a mixed-use project consisting of 94-multi-family units and 9,500 square feet of commercial space at 419/421 N. Harbor Blvd (south-east corner of Harbor Blvd. and 5th St. including 325, 326, 405, 419, 421 N. Harbor Blvd., 3710 W. 5th St., 326, 408, 414 N. Figueroa St.). The project contains: a four-story mixed-use building (along Harbor Blvd.) with 7 studios, 43 one bedrooms, and 29 two bedrooms, and a three-story building (along 5th St. and Figueroa St.) with 15 two bedroom townhomes. A total of 198 parking spaces are proposed. The project includes an outdoor plaza at the corner, gym, outdoor deck, and pool. Currently, the approximately 1.85-acre site is undeveloped. The project requires Site Plan Review by the Planning Commission.


Application Numbers:  DP-2021-15-NEW
General Plan Designation: Urban Neighborhood (UN-50)
Existing Zoning:  Harbor Mixed-Use Transit Corridor Specific Plan (SP2)
Proposed Zoning: 
Assigned Case Planner:  Nancy Tran | Senior Planner | (714) 667-2740 | NTran5@santa-ana.org
Applicant Contact: Excel Property Management Services, Inc. | M&A Gabaee, LP.
Review Status:  Development Project Review
Project Documents: 
Upcoming Meetings: 
  • Planning Commission – TBD
Past Meetings:


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