Early Childhood Education

Kidworks - Preschool Program

  • An outdoor classroom has been constructed in order to expand the number of students participating in the Preschool Program. KidWorks’ preschool students receive daily instruction during the week and learn through the exploration of the preschool’s enriched environment. The majority of students come to the program speaking no English, and by the time they graduate, all their classes and lessons are done 100% in English. For more information, please visit: https://kidworksoc.org/preschool

OCCTAC - Early Start and Pre-Kinder Arts

  • A parent-child program to engage parents in their child's education and growth, including parent-child art and parenting classes. OCCTAC's Early Start and Pre-Kinder Arts program serves children ages 6 months old to 5 years old, both with and without special needs. These early intervention programs aim at educating parents and their young children together, in a community that enhances students' cognitive, language, motor, and socio-emotional development. For more information on how to sign up your child for this program, please visit: https://www.occtac.org/early-start-pre-kinder

Padres Unidos - Parents as Teachers

  • The Parents as Teachers Program works with parents of young children in school readiness and early literacy to be their children's first teachers and get them ready for school. Children ages 3-5 years old participate in pre-reading and pre-writing activities facilitated by a trained parenting educator in small groups. Parents engaged in the curriculum are also given homework to practice with their children each week in order to prepare them to be their child's first teacher. The Parents as Teachers Program educational module relies on the three elements of Outreach, Support and Education in order to strengthen the community's commitment to be part of a safety net system in our multifaceted culture. For more information, please visit: https://www.padresunidos-npo.org/education-our-programs/parents-as-teachers-or-early-education

Think Together - Early Literacy and Math Program

  • The Early Literacy and Math Program provides children (ages 0-5) and their primary caregiver a variety of enriching services that promote early language and math literacy, fostering kindergarten readiness. Currently, the program is offered online through distance learning. The program is also geared towards strengthening the relationship between parent/adult and child and offering support plans towards parents in becoming their child's first teacher. For more information, please visit: https://thinktogether.org/elmp/
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