Zoo Master Plan

The latest news on projects at the Santa Ana Zoo!

Primate Forest

The City of Santa Ana is applying for a grant to support renovation of the oldest areas of the zoo. Once known as "Monkey Row", the new "Primate Forest" will include naturalistic habitats for a variety of monkey and other primate species. Guests of all ages will enjoy seeing the animals from a new perspective... raised walkways that bring you eye-to-eye with the primates! New restroom facilities, Garden Trail and picnic area are also included in the preliminary plans. 


Concept art for the new Primate Forest area of the Zoo.
Concept art for the new Primate Forest area of the Zoo.

What would YOU like to see as part of this renovation? Submit your thoughts at tinyurl.com/santaanazoo .



Goat Trails

Since first opening in 2004, the Crean Family Farm has been home to a variety of domestic animals. The creation of the new Goat Trails will create special opportunities for guests to interact with goats and other animal friends.

Goat Trails Rendering viewed from inside the goat yard.          Goat Trails Rendering viewed from outside the goat yard.













Amazon's Edge Renovation: Giant River Otters and Primate Trails

Known for its beautiful waterfall, lush landscaping and howler monkeys in the trees, the Amazon's Edge exhibit has been a showcase of the Zoo since opening in 1990. A main component of the first phase of implementation of the Zoo Master Plan, the renovated Amazon's Edge will provide habitat for both large monkeys and South American Giant River Otters. An innovative system of mesh trails will allow the primates to safely move between different areas of the exhibit while river otters swim, bask, and play in the river below. As you move through the zoo, the zoo moves around you!

Amazon's Edge Concept 1  Amazon's Edge Concept 2














Amazon's Edge Concept 3 Amazon's Edge Concept 4

















Zoo Master Plan Implementation

Created in 2018, the new Santa Ana Zoo Master Plan is a living document of values, ideas and inspiration for the future. The conceptual drawing below represents what the zoo could be in 25-30 years, while the Plan details suggested timelines for development of facilities, exhibits, and public spaces at the zoo.

Mission: The Santa Ana Zoo, through fun, adventure and learning, empowers the community to save wildlife and wild spaces.

Vision: The Santa Ana Zoo is a force for conservation action.

Zoo rendering - 2018         Master Plan - Future Zoo Rendering

               Existing Zoo rendering.                                                                                                                                       Master Plan Concept rendering.




The Santa Ana Zoo Master Plan document was created by a team of staff from the Zoo, Friends of Santa Ana Zoo, City of Santa Ana, CLR Design, Zoo Advisors, and KPFF Engineers. For more information, visit www.santaanazoo.org