Five-Year Strategic Plan



The Five-Year Strategic Plan provides a vision for the City’s goals and priorities in preparation for the near-term and long-term future. Having a strong plan in place is essential for the City of Santa Ana to achieve success. The Five-Year Strategic Plan, like any other strategic planning document, must be flexible and adaptable for when unexpected obstacles arise.


To deliver efficient public services in partnership with our community which ensures public safety, a prosperous economic environment, opportunities for our youth, and a high quality of life for residents.

5-Year Vision

By 2025, Santa Ana honors its rich cultural history as it becomes a thriving urban center with welcoming green spaces and worldclass amenities, services, and infrastructure. The efficient and financially stable City government will further diversify Santa Ana’s housing and economy, increase the community’s safety, and support programs and services that enhance residents’ quality of life.

Guiding Principles


We actively engage and include all community stakeholders.


We are a results and performance-driven organization that continuously seeks to streamline operations and focuses on the productive use of resources.


We strive to provide equal and fair opportunity in the access and allocation of community resources.


We attract, develop, and retain dedicated public servants who are committed to quality customer service.

Fiscal Responsibility

We utilize financial assets and resources in a prudent manner to ensure economic stability and growth.


We promote a culture that encourages creativity and entrepreneurship in delivering valuable public services.


We provide information openly and hold ourselves accountable to the public regarding our actions and decisions.

Strategic Priorities and Measures

The five strategic priorities identified in the Strategic Plan are:

1. Financial Stability

Protect and enhance revenue streams while maintaining a healthy reserve balance to provide for the expenditure of funds in support of the long-term priorities of the City’s strategic plan.

  • BALANCED BUDGET: Planned expenditures do not exceed expected revenues for the next 10 years by controlling labor costs, focusing spending on primary functions of the City and improving financial flexibility.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Entice developers to build attractive businesses and housing to increase property values, resulting in an overall 10% increase in assessed valuations over the next 3 years and increased tax revenue.
  • MODERNIZE: Reduce costs by 3% over the next 5 years by streamlining administrative processes and providing easy-to-access online services to operate efficiently.

2. Community Safety

Provide a safe environment for residents and visitors while reducing crime and addressing the impacts of homelessness on our quality of life.

  • HOMELESSNESS RESPONSE: Reduce the number of Santa Ana’s un-sheltered Homeless.
  • EMERGENCY POLICE RESPONSE: Reduce response times to emergency calls for service.
  • SAFETY & PERCEPTION OF SAFETY: Enhance public safety by reducing and proactively targeting gang and violent crime.
  • COMMUNITY POLICING: Further implement community-based policing programming as a way of doing business; enhance transparency and community engagement.
  • 21st CENTURY POLICING TRAINING: Focus on contemporary, best and ‘next’ practices of de-escalation and techniques to minimize liability through technology.
  • CRIME PREVENTION: Implement programs and facility/infrastructure improvements that will prevent crime and reduce the demand on Santa Ana Police.

3. Modern Facilities and Infrastructure

Ensure maintenance and preservation of City facilities and roadways to better serve the population and visitors.

  • PARKS MASTER PLAN: Develop and implement master plans for parks and facilities.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE MASTER PLANS: Develop and implement master plans for utilities, infrastructure, and roadways.

4. Efficient City Services

Streamline the methods of providing services to help ensure doing business with the City is easier and more efficient.

  • TECHNOLOGY MODERNIZATION: Enhance the City’s capabilities to allow the public to perform more services online.
  • EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT POLICIES & PROCESSES: Streamline policies and processes for staff and residents to reduce the time it takes to complete City services.
  • COMMUNICATION & OUTREACH: Aim to reach and engage all audiences through a variety of communication outlets.

5. Economic Diversification and Expansion

Enhance economic vitality by growing revenue streams, attracting quality jobs, diverse businesses and desired amenities for residents.

  • REDUCE HOMELESSNESS: Reduce the number of un-sheltered Homeless to reduce the negative impacts of homelessness on the community and to ensure Santa Ana is clean and safe.
  • INCREASE JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Increase the availability of quality jobs for Santa Ana residents by attracting and retaining businesses.
  • TOURISM & VISITORS: Create jobs and increase City revenue by attracting investments in tourism-based development that showcases Santa Ana as an international destination.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Enhance Santa Ana’s business-friendly environment as a place where businesses thrive.

These focus areas will help us ensure that resources are properly distributed and services programmed to best serve our community.

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