Municipal Utility Services (MUS)

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Access Your Account and Make a Payment

Register to access your Municipal Utility Services (MUS) account online to view your account, billing, and consumption information as well as set your Auto Pay and Electronic Billing (paperless) settings and make payments.

Registration for First-Time Users:
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One-Time Pay

Quick One-Time Pay

If you do not wish to register at this time then you may click on the link above to submit a one-time payment. You will not be able to set up Auto Pay or view your account information by using this link. We encourage you to register and create an account for online access to your MUS account by clicking on the Create Account link.

Sample check with labels for Account, Routing, and Check numbers.

  • Please verify that you are using the correct Routing Number and Checking Account Number for payment.

    Por favor verifique que está usando el Número de transito bancario y el Número de cuenta correcto.

  • If the electronic check payment is returned for any reason, then you will be charged a Return Check Fee of $25.00 for the first return or $35.00 for subsequent returns.

    Si el pago electrónico es rechazado por cualquier razón entonces se cobrara un cargo de $25.00 por el primer cheque devuelto y $35.00 por cada subsiguiente cheque devuelto.