Youth Violence Prevention

America on Track - Brighter Futures for Children of Prisoners

  • The overall goal of Brighter Futures is to provide a safety net for children of prisoners. The program’s short-term goals are to help our youth improve their academic skills, become more confident, abstain from drugs, set goals for the future, and limit the likelihood of future involvement in the criminal justice system. For more information, please visit:

Latino Health Access - Children and Youth Engagement for Violence Prevention (CYE)

  •  The Latino Children's and Youth Initiative is a health intervention for children and youth living in high-risk environments. The CYE program incorporates a multi-layered approach to violence prevention that engages youth in interactive, age-appropriate activities that (1) builds emotional wellness, coping strategies and resilience (2) activates youth as community leaders and enhances their ability to be civically engaged and (3) connects youth to supportive services and provides navigation support to ensure that youth are able to obtain preventive and harm-reduction services locally. For more information, please visit:

Nati's House (Neutral Ground) - Neutral Ground Boxing Club (NGBC)

  • NGBC proposes to reach some of our most at-risk youth through sports programming and restorative practices. The purpose of Neutral Ground Boxing Club (NGBC) is to provide free/no cost sports programming for some of our older (10-18) and more deeply gang-entrenched program participants. THe boxing club is designed to teach discipline and respect, while promoting health and wellness to other students, To get involved and for more information, please visit:

Nati's House (Neutral Ground) - Youth Violence Prevention Program

  • Neutral Ground f has centered its services on prevention, intervention, and mediation for students, young people ages 14-24, and families residing in Santa Ana, CA. Youth of families victimized by violence and/or siblings of juvenile-justice involved youth and/or students showing sudden changes in behavior, especially those demonstrating aggression will be referred to NG-YVP for restorative practices, support services and linkages, and case management. For more information, please visit:

OCCTAC - Arts & Violence Prevention

  • The intent is for this program to empower youth to explore and participate in different art forms that are not readily available in their neighborhoods and provide the support our families need to recover during these challenging times. For more information, please visit OCCTAC's website here.

Orange County Bar Foundation - SHORTSTOP and STOP SHORT of Addiction (SSOA).

  • Provide at-risk youth and their families with an evidence-based alternative to detention and out-patient substance abuse treatment. SHORTSTOP is a unique crime diversion program developed in 1980 for first time juvenile offenders and their families. It serves as an intervention for youth who have engaged in problematic behaviors that have the potential to further their involvement in the juvenile justice system. SSOA was adapted from SHORTSTOP in 1999 in response to the rising specter of youthful drug crime in Orange County. Stop Short of Addiction is an intensive alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) intervention program designed to specifically address the needs of first-time juvenile offenders who are in the early stages of substance abuse. It provides an alternative to incarceration that includes group substance abuse prevention & treatment, intensive legal education, and a restorative justice plan. For more information about SHORSTOP, please visit Project Youth's SHORTSTOP webpageFor more information about Stop Short of Addiction, please visit Project Youth's Website.
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