WORK Center Job Seeker

Good Jobs and CareersWhat do you like to do? What are your skills? And how can you obtain and use those skills to get a better job?

Begin here at WORK Center to help you answer those questions. The Staff is ready to assist and guide you through the entire job-seeking process to put you on the right career path with:

  • Assessments: basic skills, vocational readiness, and transferable skills
  • Identifying of career goals and opportunities
  • Developing and enhancing the skills employers seek
  • Labor Market Information
  • Find a better job
  • Supportive Services

As you turn to the WORK Center, we are ready to assist you with one-on-assistance with job searches, interviews, and application OR use our resources on your own. We are here to guide you:

  • Use of our resources: access to phone, faxes, computers, and internet service for FREE
  • Find strategies to do online job searches and how to post your résumé
  • Keep you informed of virtual and/or on-site job recruitment events attended by local businesses ready to hire
  • Start your own business by connecting you to resources and information you need to launch your own entrepreneurial business