Santa Ana Resident Vehicle Incentive Program (VIP)

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As a means to spur growth of the local tax base and to encourage Santa Ana residents to shop local , the City has developed the Resident Vehicle Incentive Program (VIP) that incentivizes Santa Ana residents and businesses to purchase a car and/or truck from one of 10 franchised Santa Ana auto dealers. 

Starting April 1, 2019, the VIP provides a $500 rebate to Santa Ana residents or businesses who purchases a new or pre-owned car or truck from a franchised Santa Ana auto dealer.  The Program is a new component of the City’s existing “Shop Santa Ana” initiative by encouraging residents to continue to shop local. 

The VIP has been developed to avoid leakage of local automotive purchases to outside jurisdictions and would ensure that future revenue generated by this sector will be available to provide vital City services. 

Shop Local

The Resident Vehicle Incentive Program (VIP) has been designed to encourage residents to purchase or lease a car or truck from one of the 10 franchised auto dealers in the City of Santa Ana.

Eligible Dealerships

  1. Audi South Coast – 1425 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  2. Crevier BMW – 1500 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  3. Crevier Mini – 1455 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  4. Freeway Honda – 1505 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  5. Guaranty Chevrolet – 711 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA
  6. Lincoln South Coast – 1405 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  7. Subaru Orange Coast – 1350 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  8. Tom’s Truck Center – 909 N Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA
  9. Volkswagen South Coast – 1450 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  10. Volvo of Orange County – 1400 S Dan Gurney Drive, Santa Ana, CA

Eligible Participants

Any resident or business of the City of Santa Ana that purchases or leases a new or pre-owned automobile or truck from the eligible dealership is eligible to receive the $500 rebate.

  • Qualified residents must be able to provide proof of Santa Ana residency to dealership by registering their new purchase in Santa Ana and one of the following:
    • Valid California Driver’s License
    • Utility Bill
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Proof of insurance
    • Bank statement 
  • Qualified businesses must provide proof of valid Santa Ana business license.
  • Qualified residents and businesses must sign a Santa Ana Resident/Business Rebate Form verifying residency and operation of business in Santa Ana.
  • $500 rebate will be applied towards the agreed upon purchase/lease price in the final sales contract.
  • Minimum used car purchase is subject to a final sales price of $15,000 (after all manufacturer rebates and dealer incentives).

Qualifying Vehicles

  • All new purchases of new or pre-owned cars or trucks are eligible.
  • All new leases of a new or pre-owned cars or truck are eligible.
  • Motorcycles, off-road vehicles or watercraft are not eligible purchases under this program.

Program Statistics

Please contact the City of Santa Ana's Economic Development Division at 714-647-5445 with questions.