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Greetings to our Santa Ana Residents, Businesses, Visitors, and Community! 

The City Manager’s Office is responsible for implementing all of the City Council’s policy decisions and direction, providing leadership and direction to department heads and other staff, as well as working with both Council and staff to develop action plans and programs to support the City’s mission, values and priorities and serve our great community.

The City of Santa Ana operates under the ‘council-manager’ form of government, meaning that the Council appoints the city manager, who is then responsible for the administrative and staff-appointment duties. The City Council also appoints the City Attorney and the City Clerk, and makes appointments to City Boards and Commissions. Contrary to the ‘strong mayor’ form of government (such as that in Los Angeles, San Diego, and some other cities), the day-to-day operations of the City are under the authority of the City Manager.

The City Manager appoints and manages the City’s department heads (Chief of Police, Public Works Services Director, Community Development Director, Human Resources Director, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director, Information Technology Director, Planning and Building Director, and Finance Director).

There are a number of guiding and strategic documents to assist the City of Santa Ana serve the community and deliver on our purpose, which is to provide quality service to enhance the safety, livability and prosperity of our community.

The City Council approves a strategic plan to provide a high-level guiding document to support strategic goals and measure outcomes. The Budget is the City’s financial roadmap to support the City’s strategic plan and goals and contains funding details to deliver city services, programs and capital improvement projects.

Please let us know how we can assist you as we strive to provide quality service to enhance the safety, livability and prosperity of our community.

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Raul Godinez II
City Manager
City of Santa Ana



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