Citations to be issued for trash carts obstructing right-of-way

Posted on February 8, 2023

picture of trash carts and cones saving parking spaces

The City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency has not been issuing citations for violation of “obstruction of the Right-of-Way” during Republic Services’ implementation (startup of service).  An example of a violation occurs when trash carts are left on the streets for the purpose of saving parking or after being emptied.  Public Works staff has been providing courtesy notices (not citations) to remove carts on non-collection days to assist in maintaining clean and attractive neighborhoods.  City staff has found that the courtesy notices are being disregarded, even after multiple notices.

 The Public Works inspectors have been receiving a significant amount of public complaints and removal requests for trash carts, cones, buckets, or furniture left on the street.  In order to maintain the cleanliness and availability of the City Right-of-Way for the use of all residents, City staff will resume issuing citations after a courtesy notice (warning) has been provided.  Illegally placed trash carts can be reported using the MySantaAna app, calling the City of Santa Ana Public Works Dispatch (714) 647-3380, or e-mailing

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