South Main Street Vision Plan

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The Santa Ana South Main Street Vision Plan is an innovative framework to create a safer, more vibrant street for the community. The Vision Plan was completed in June 2016 after a series of community meetings, and is available below.

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About the South Main Street Vision Plan

What is the South Main Street Vision Plan, exactly?


The South Main Vision plan is just that: a plan. This Vision Plan serves as a guiding document for the revitalization of the South Main Business District.


Revitalize the South Main Business District. 


The purpose of the project is to provide a creative and implementable vision for South Main Street in Santa Ana, identifying physical, regulatory and programmatic interventions to support and enhance the residential and business communities along the corridor by revitalizing the street.


Who's responsible for implementing the Vision Plan?


The South Main Street Vision Plan is a cross-departmental project that includes the City's Community Development Agency, Planning and Building Agency, and Public Works Agency. Each of these City departments is responsible for specific components of the Vision Plan:

Community Development Agency (CDA)

CDA is leading the business development efforts in the South Main Business District. Specifically, their Economic Development Division staff is working directly with businesses to connect them to resources, such as the City's Small Business Incentive Program Grant Program, or is serving as a liaison to guide them through our planning and building procedures, to make sure that their businesses flourish. CDA is the "boots on the ground" when it comes to making sure our businesses stay connected to the City of Santa Ana. With the new South Main improvements on the horizon, the Economic Development Division will focus their business attraction efforts into this newly enhanced business environment. 

Planning and Building Agency (PBA)

PBA is working on an update to the City's General Plan, the City’s principal long-range policy and planning document guiding the development, conservation, and enhancement of Santa Ana.  It is a document that contains a comprehensive collection of goals and policies related to the physical development of the City. The South Main Business District is one of five "Focus Areas" as defined by the General Plan. This means that the South Main Business District is an area of focus as it relates to future growth.

Public Works Agency (PWA)

PWA is taking the lead on all infrastructure improvements along South Main Street. These infrastructure improvements consist of place-making, walkability, and traffic-calming measures.

Diagram of implementation


What part of South Main Street does the Vision Plan encompass? What's the project area?


This project includes nearly two miles of the South Main Street corridor, approximately from First Street to Warner Avenue. The Vision Plan includes two focus areas:

North Focus Area
The North Focus Area encompasses approximately three blocks of South Main Street between 1st Street and Chestnut Avenue, and is the gateway connecting Downtown Santa Ana to the South Main Street Corridor

South Focus Area
The South Focus Area encompasses approximately four blocks of South Main Street between Stanford Street and St. Andrew Place. With streetscape improvements, new programming and development centered around public open space, the South Focus Area will be a new heart for the neighborhoods of South Main Street.

South Main Street Vision Plan project area


What are the physical components of the infrastructure improvements?


The infrastructure improvements that are scheduled to be constructed along South Main Street consist of place-making, walkability, and traffic-calming measures.


  • Street furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Culture and identity

Increase Walkability

  • Lighting
  • Pedestrian safety

Traffic Calming

  • Transit improvements
Light Pole
What infrastructure improvements will be implemented in the two Focus Areas?


  • Sidewalk extensions (“bulb-outs”)
  • Enhanced crosswalks, ADA curb ramps
  • Delineated parking spaces
  • Street trees and landscaping
  • Concrete intersections
  • Sidewalk furniture
  • Monument signage and banners
  • Pedestrian level street lighting
Focus Area Improvement


What other improvements are happening throughout the South Main Street corridor?


  • Delineated parking spaces and tree planters
  • Bus shelters (completed)
  • Curb ramps
  • Median enhancements
  • Pavement rehabilitation (added to project)

Trees Trees Benches bus shelters

What's the schedule for infrastructure improvements?


Physical Improvements

  • Complete Contract Documents: September 2020 
  • Bid Advertisement: September 2020
  • Contract Award: January 2021
  • Pre-Construction Community Meeting: January 2021
  • Construction: February 2021 through February 2022

General Plan Updates

  • Ongoing

Business Development

  • Ongoing


What does the South Main Street Vision Plan have to do with the General Plan?


While the two plans are entirely different, what overlaps is the project area. 

In coordination with the General Plan Advisory Group, the City of Santa Ana has identified five focus areas (these are different from the two Focus Areas within the South Main Corridor) that may be suited for new growth and development: South Main Street, Grand Avenue/17th Street, West Santa Ana Boulevard, 55 Freeway/Dyer Road, and South Bristol Street. These five focus areas are located along major travel corridors, near the future OC Streetcar line, and/or are linked to Downtown Santa Ana. In general, many areas in these focus areas currently designated for General Commercial and Professional Office are expanding opportunities for residential development through a proposed change to the Urban Neighborhood or District Center General Plan land use designations. Industrial Flex would be introduced where Industrial land use designations currently exist within each of the five focus areas in order to allow for cleaner industrial and commercial uses with live-work opportunities.

The General Plan Update (specifically, the Land Use Element) proposes changes to these land use designations along the South Main corridor. These proposed changes are depicted in the maps below.




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What business development activities are included in the Vision Plan? 


  • Revitalization of corridor enhances business attraction efforts
  • General Plan update allows increased development opportunities
  • Small Business Incentive Program