The project area is on the south side of Santiago Creek between Valencia Street and the existing park restroom. This area has been undeveloped for many years. The approved project will remove a portion of Valencia Street and connect this area with the existing Oak Grove picnic area. Improvements will include an outdoor natural amphitheater, renovation of the existing gashouse to include a small kitchenette for community rental, picnic facilities/tables, ADA accessible concrete walkways, decompose granite jogging trail connections, security lighting, irrigation, and landscaping. The project will also renovate the existing park restroom to relocate the doorway for better visibility to the log cabin and play equipment area.  

Years ago, the community suggested improvements in this area and provided a sketch of their ideas. This did not move forward until funding became available through the California Coastal Conservancy. Meetings were held with the Santiago Neighborhood Association and the Santiago Park Committee to discuss the concept plan.  The plan and estimates were submitted to the California Coastal Conservancy for grant funding. The PRCSA was successful in obtaining a $1 million dollar grant for the park development and provided additional funding from Park Development fees and Capital Outlay Funds. 

PARK SIZE: 35 Acres


Concept Plan, click here

The project will include:

  • Outdoor natural Amphitheater
  • Gashouse Renovation including kitchenette
  • Picnic facilities/tables
  • ADA accessible concrete walkways
  • Decompose Granite Jogging trail
  • Security Lighting
  • Irrigation and Landscaping
  • Park Restroom Renovation


  • Nationwide Construction Service

Construction Period:  

  • May 2021 to Nov 2021


  • California Coastal Conservancy
  • Park Development Fees
  • Capital Outlay Funds

Total Project Cost:

  • Project Cost: $2,492,521

For more information call: (714) 571 - 4200