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During the pandemic, the City changed its regulations to make it easier for restaurants to offer outdoor dining. Businesses interested in creating an outdoor dining area, patio or parklet can follow the guidelines below and click on “City of Santa Ana: A Guide for Outdoor Business Operations” for more information. The City of Santa Ana makes outdoor dining easy!

  • Design, installation, and furniture must be safe and durable for outdoor use
  • No more than 50% of private parking lots may be used for outdoor dining space
  • Free-standing metal or wood fences and planters may be used as a perimeter barrier for the outdoor dining area
  • Installation of reflective signs or decals must be installed in designated exterior locations as a safety precaution
  • Roof structures are not allowed, but light weight material such as shade sails may be used
  • For full guidelines please visit: “City of Santa Ana: A Guide for Outdoor Business Operations” (guidelines are subject to updates)

Safe Outdoor Safe Dining Program - now closed

The Santa Ana Safe Outdoor Dining Program was aimed at assisting restaurants within the City of Santa Ana that were affected by COVID-19. This program funded by the County of Orange assisted restaurants by designing and installing outdoor parklets and outdoor dining furniture to help the restaurant operate outdoors safely with social distancing during the pandemic.

For more information please contact Sylvia Vazquez at or (714) 647-5445.

The following Santa Ana restaurants participated in the Safe Outdoor Dining Program and offer outdoor seating for patrons:

Video: Santa Ana Safe Outdoor Dining Program

Sample layout

Sample Outdoor Dining Layout

Parklets in Downtown Santa Ana

  • El Indio Botanas y Cervezas - 309 W 3rd Street
  • Next Round Bar & Grill - 200 N Broadway
  • MixMix - 300 N Main Street
  • Mission Bar - Alley on Main Street and 3rd Street
  • Frida / Taqueria Guadalajara - 305 E 4th Street
  • Las Casuelas - 312 N Bush Street
  • Chevita's Juice - 209 W 4th Street
  • Pizza Press - 117 W 4th Street
  • Brid & Barrel - 305 E 4th Street


If your restaurant is providing outdoor dining for patrons, and would like to be included as a participant for Dining Al Fresco, please contact Sylvia Vazquez at or (714) 647-5445. Restaurants must be in compliance with all City licenses, permits, and operating within established guidelines. to participate.

More information

Restaurants are encouraged to expand to outdoor operations following the  “City of Santa Ana: A Guide for Outdoor Business Operations”.

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