Public Health and Safety


Revive Santa Ana 5K Run

$50,000 will be used to restore a City-run 5k which advocates for an active and healthy lifestyle.

First Street pedestrian safety project

$3,000,000 will be allocated to safety improvements on infrastructure of a heavily used areas in the city, improving the accessibility and safety of the area.
The First Street Slope Stabilization Project includes the installation of hardscape along dirt slopes near a railroad undercrossing, new fencing, and a stormwater treatment device.

Additional park and open space

$7,800,000 will be allocated to the addition of a park/open space area that will consist of an expansion of green space and allow for healthy activities for our community members to participate in such as a skate rink. This expansion of green space increases physical activity for community members and in turn contributes to improving the health and well-being of residents through exercise and activity.

Healthy food accessibility

The City intends to allocate $1,000,000 to the creation of a Farmers Market that would offer healthy food choices and resources for community garden startups. Improving access to healthier food options results in a healthier population and creates improved eating habits that contribute to a better quality of life for our community members.

Rapid response homeless services

$1,000,000 will be used to fund rapid response homeless services such as a program to redirect 911 calls to a nonprofit provider to address homeless requests for services and incorporate a part-time coordinator position to assist with these support services.

Allowed improvements to existing parks, community centers and libraries

$15,000,000 will be allocated to improvements for the Central Library, with efforts made to focus services given on early childhood activities.
$7,000,000 will be dedicated to the creation of a new library branch and the improvement of library accessibility, with the intent to better serve our community with an educational and informational resource that can be more widely accessed. 

Park restroom improvements to mitigate and prevent spread of virus

$1,500,000 of funding will be used to replace outdated restrooms through public parks to allow for improved facilities that minimize viral contagions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Enhanced security for parks and community centers

$1,000,000 will be spent on enhanced security for the usability of parks/community centers by way of Installing security cameras at inside/outside at Santa Ana Senior Center and Southwest Senior Centers.

Address vacant storefronts

$1,000,000 is dedicated to contribute to façade improvement programs for shopping centers with vacant storefronts, with the intention of increasing the flow of purchasing and revenue for businesses.