Alert OC


What is AlertOC?

AlertOC is a mass notification system used by the City of Santa Ana to issue emergency messages directly to residents and businesses. In case of an emergency, city officials can use AlertOC to send important information to the public by telephone, email, text message and TTY/TDD. Because of the power of AlertOC, notifications can be made to thousands of people within minutes of the system being activated.

Our database starts with all of the phone numbers listed in the AT&T 911 system. People who live and work in Dana Point can add additional contact information by registering. From the registration page, follow the directions to create an account and add or update your information.

During the registration process, you will be able to add up to three additional phone numbers, as well as email and text messaging information. This gives us a better chance of getting emergency information to you, but is also very important if you do not have a standard AT&T telephone line. Telephone services from any company other than AT&T or Cox Cable - Vonage, wireless carriers (including AT&T Wireless), and others like them - are not part of the 911 system, and are not automatically included in AlertOC. If this includes your primary phone line, we urge you to register.

Register for AlertOC here.

Although AlertOC is free, standard rates for text messaging and data services may apply through your wireless carrier. Please check with your carrier if you have any questions.

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