How can I apply?

  • Submit your application by:
    1.  Submitting online through a fillable form here,
    2.  Submitting online via email,
    3.  Submitting in-person, dropped off at Information Desk 2 in the Ross Annex Center, 20 Civic Center Plaza, or,
    4. US Postal Mail to:

City of Santa Ana – PBA
Attn: Chelsea Shafer, CP-CAP
20 Civic Center Plaza, M-20
Santa Ana, CA 82701

Is there a deadline to submit applications?

  • No; while there is no deadline for submission, funds are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Funding will be available until the funds from the American Rescue Plan – Revive Santa Ana initiative are depleted or replaced.

Can I submit my application before receiving plan check approval?

  • Yes; your application with the proposed improvements will be processed along with a plan check, permit check, and all other project procedures.

Can I submit multiple applications?

  • Applications are limited to one building. One application per building may be submitted. Applications are not based on parcels.

Can I submit multiple applications as I conclude projects?

  • Applications per building can only be submitted once and include all proposed improvements with their accompanying invoices. Applications cannot be amended as work is completed or as additional vendors are added to work. Applications must include all proposed improvements with all estimates for the improvements as provided in the application. Any improvements completed outside of what is provided in an application will not be eligible for the program.

What kind of documentation is needed for the significant revenue loss as a result of the COVID-19 application requirement?

  • Providing a pandemic impact statement on how the pandemic has affected the property or the business located at the property will meet this requirement.

Are elevation plans required?

  • All Santa Ana Planning and Building assessments are still required but do not have to be completed before application submittal. Renderings of the proposed improvements are required. After application materials are submitted, staff will review the applications and determine all Planning, Building, and Permit requirements that need to be fulfilled before moving on to the pre-approval phase of the program.

Is the Submission of an application required before work is started?

  • Work started after June 21, 2022, can be included in the application. Work does not have to be completed before submission. If an applicant has reached the final approval phase, improvements listed in the approved application will be given a 100-day completion date to be eligible for the funds.

Can business owners/tenants apply?

  • Yes; Business owners and tenants can apply for the program with the cooperation from the property owner. In addition to the application and requested materials, business owners/tenants will need to submit a statement of intent from the owner indicating the improvements can be conducted on the property or the property or the a copy of the lease agreement stating that the business owner is responsible for the facade repairs of the property. Property owners still need to sign the Program Benefits and Property Maintenance Agreement as part of the application materials.

I’ve already gone through plan check and received permits for improvements I want to include in my application, are they eligible?

  • Yes; If you have already gone through plan check and received permits, submit the approved plans and permits with your application materials.

Can I change vendors after I submit my application?

  • Yes; contractors can be amended prior to post-approval of applications. To make an amendment to your application, send the request to and include the required materials specific for vendors and the improvements they will be providing.
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