Water Services Billing & Payment

How To Read Your Bill

Your bill includes information like the size of your meter, how many days in this billing cycle, the reads we got off your meter previously and currently. You will also see how many gallons of water you use on a daily basis and how many hundred cubic feet (HCF) of water you used in the last billing period. Santa Ana’s Water Resources Division measures water usage by HCF, which is 748 gallons. Learn how to read your meter here.

To help customers conserve water, we also provide data showing usage for this year as compared to last year and from previous months.

There are two sets of charges on your water/sewer bill. The charges show your water base fee, how much water you used and at what rates you were charged for the water. You will also see your sewer base fee, your sewer charge and your storm drain fee. (See our current rates for water and sewer.) When totaled, this gives you your total amount due. Here's a quick explanation of some of the charges on your bill.

Ways To Pay Your Bill

By Mail

Send your payment to:
City of Santa Ana
Finance Department –Treasury Division M13
20 Civic Center Plaza
PO Box 1964
Santa Ana CA 92702-1964

In Person

Bring your payment to:
Santa Ana City Hall
20 Civic Center Plaza
First Floor City Hall

(Please note office hours and parking information to the right. You may also deposit the payment into the drop box located outside the entrance to City Hall. Payments made through the drop box are picked up during business days at 8:00 am for same day processing. Payments deposited in the drop box after 8:00 am are processed the next business day.)


  • Make one-time payment with a credit card or bank account
  • Set up automatic, recurring payments
  • Access and print current and past bills
  • View usage and meter readings
  • Enter Move-In/Out and Start/Stop services information; or
  • Choose to receive paper bills
  • Receive email notification of new bills

Go green and get the convenience of online payment. Enrolling is easy. Be sure you have the account number from your water/sewer bill and the service address. Once you’re enrolled, and you’ve established a username and password, you can log into Santa Ana’s secure, online payment portal. Here you can: