Turn Off/Transfer Service

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If you are moving or selling your property and wish to cancel your service, you can:

  • Just call Santa Ana Municipal Utility Services at (714) 647-5454 during business hours. Our Customer Service Representatives can take your information over the phone to disconnect your water service. A pro-rated bill will be prepared and sent to you.
  • Visit Santa Ana City Hall, 20 Civic Center Plaza, First Floor City Hall Annex, Room 1100. Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. (Paid parking is available in the Civic Center Plaza, off Santa Ana Blvd. between Ross Street and Flower Street.)

If you are a property owner and your service is in your name, you are required to pay for all standby availability service charges unless the property is occupied by a tenant who is responsible for the charges, or the property is sold to a new owner(s).

If you are a tenant and are moving from an address where the services are in your name, you will be required to provide a forwarding address where your final bill will be mailed. If a deposit was made at the time your service was established, the deposit will be applied to the final bill and a new bill will be generated reflecting any balance owing or credit, if applicable. Credits remaining on an account will be automatically refunded within 30 days of billing.

Important Information

  • Customers are responsible for contacting Utility Services to stop their water/sewer service
  • Just call (714) 647-5454 and provide a forwarding address
  • Calls must be made at least two business days before the desired move out date
  • Please do not call until escrow has closed
  • Same day disconnection is not available
  • We cannot back date a move out date
  • Customers are responsible for charges accrued up to and including their move out date provided
  • If account holder is deceased a death certificate should be submitted as soon as possible to update or close the account
  • Customers are responsible for updating their account information

Refund on Security Deposits

Security deposits can be refunded by means of a credit to the customer’s bill, if the customer makes twelve (12) consecutive payments with no record of delinquency or when the customer closes the account. To receive a refund of your security deposit, a written request for a Refund of Deposit may be sent to:

City of Santa Ana Municipal Utility Services, M14
20 Civic Center Plaza
PO Box 1964
Santa Ana CA 92702-1964