Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program

More than 15 years ago, Santa Ana introduced its FOG program to reduce the number of blockages in the city's sewer lines and sewage overflows on to our streets. Raw sewage that overflows on to our streets often makes its way into our storm water drains and waterways, polluting our city and ocean.

What is the most common culprit for blocked sewers? Fats, oils and grease or "FOG."

Since launching the FOG program, the City has reduced the number of public sewer spills dramatically. Now, less FOG is being poured into our drains, thanks to all the restaurants that adhere to our program guidelines and to residents who are aware of its potential health and environmental hazards. So the next time you think about pouring the excess grease from your frying pan down the drain, think again. Do yourself a favor by following a few simple tips. Doing so will save you an emergency call to the plumber and help protect our natural resources.

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