Public Works Agency Graffiti Street Cleaning Services Program

To report graffiti in progress call 911

To report graffiti removal online Click Here


Downlaod our mobile APP MySantaAna via the iTunes app store or Google play store


Call the Graffiti Hotline (877) STOP TAG -- 1 (877) 786-7824

The Public Works Agency removes graffiti from sidewalks, traffic signs, retaining walls, tree trunks, streets, city parks and bike trails that is visible from the street. The Maintenance Services Division responds to graffiti reported by citizens via the Graffiti Hotline –
(877) STOPTAG, 1 (877) 786-7824, Smartphone App "mySantaAna" or reported by other departments.

Public Works removes approximately 4 million square feet per year from areas visible from the right of way. The Abatement Crew works seven days a week between 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Color matching is now available citywide.

Water blasting of specialized surfaces instead of painting to remove graffiti is also available.

Tips for reporting to the Graffiti Hotline:

  • Have the location of graffiti – street, intersection and address, if possible.
  • Have the type of surface that the graffiti is on - block wall, wood fence, light pole, sign, etc.
  • Give us your name and phone number so a supervisor can call you back if the crew is unable to locate the graffiti or has follow-up questions.

For more information on graffiti removal, please call Danell Mercado at (714) 647-3308.