Police Department fees

The Santa Ana Police Department may require the collection of fees for various enforcement activities, services, and programs

For example, parking citations issued as a result of parking in a red zone can result in a $66 fine pursuant to the Santa Ana Municipal Code. The Santa Ana Police Department's front lobby accepts checks or exact change for the fees.  An ATM is available in the lobby for your convenience. Here is a partial list of the fees collected by SAPD:

Permit and License Fees
Alarm User Permits * Per Year $36.14
Escort Bureau Permit * Each $780.70
Figure Model Studio Permit * Each $695.00
Ice Cream Truck Vendor Permit Each $225.00
License to Sell Pistols/Revolvers Per License $156.57
Massage Establishment Permit * Each $780.70
Peep Show Permit Each $300.00
Pool/Billiard Permit Each $336.90
Public Dance Establishments - Permanent Each $300.00
Public Dance Establishments - One Day Each $75.00
Pushcart Permit Each $225.00
Solicitation Permit * Per Permit $35.00
Street Closure Permit Per Permit $135.00
Wild Animal Permit Each $135.00


Service Fees
Citation Sign Off - Non-SAPD ( Equipment Violators ) Per Incident $18.73
Vehicle Citation Sign Off - SAPD Per Citation $5.00
Copy of Lost Citation Per Citation $2.00
Disturbing the Peace Police Service Each Actual Cost
Driving Under Influence Cost Recovery Per Incident Actual Cost
False Alarms Per Incident Varies
Fingerprint Fee - City Processing Only Per Card $23.00
Firearms Examination *- Basic Function Exam Per Firearm $34.00
Hit & Run Accident Investigation Per Incident Actual Cost
Impound of Owner Release Animals Per Impound $75.00
Land Use Certificate Processing Fee Per Permit $30.00
Police Accident Photos * - 4 x 5 Each $5.00
Police Accident Reports Each $20.00
Police Evidence Tape Each $35.00
Police Immigration/Clearance Letters Each $20.00
Police Incident Reports * Each $20.00
Police Pursuits Cost Recovery Per Incident Actual Cost
Police Security Services Hour Varies
Police Training Video Tape Per Tape $45.00
Reinspection - Plan Checks/Not Completed Minimum $40.00
Request to Review Criminal History Per Request $20.00
Storage of Weapon Per Weapon $100.00


Parking Fees
Double Parking Each $56.00
No Parking - Street Sweeping Each $64.00
Overnight Parking Prohibited in Certain Areas Each $40.00
Parking in Violation of "Emergency No Parking Sign" Each $70.00
Parking in a Red Zone Each $66.00
Parking in a Yellow Zone Each $48.00
Parking in a White Zone Each $48.00
Parking in a Green Zone Each $48.00
Parking in a Blue (Handicapped) Zone Each $115.00
Parking in a "NO PARKING" Zone Each $70.00
Parking in Alley Each $57.00
Parking on City Property Each $40.00
Parking on a Sidewalk Each $56.00
Parking within an Intersection Each $56.00
Parking within a Crosswalk Each $56.00
Stopping / Parking in a Fire Lane Each $123.00


For up-to-date information on fees, check out our Miscellaneous Fee Schedule.

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