Planning and Building Agency open data dashboards

Development projects

Major planning projects and monthly development reports

Active business licenses


This dataset contains a list of all officially recognized property addresses in the City of Santa Ana and the attributes of each property (zoning, neighborhood, etc.).

Projects and applications

This dataset lists projects within the City of Santa Ana, and includes information such as status, description and location.

Construction permits

This dataset provides information about all new construction permits issued in the City of Santa Ana by the Planning and Building Agency and the Public Works Agency. (It does not include information regarding renewals for existing businesses.)

Building inspections

Each row in this dataset represents an inspection performed on a building permit that was issued by the City of Santa Ana. (All permitted construction work is subject to inspection by authorized inspectors.)


The Planning and Building Agency is required to issue a Certificate of Occupancy for every new building or structure in the City of Santa Ana, and for any new change in ownership of an existing business or for any new tenant occupying a previously inspected building or suite.

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