Phone Numbers for City Services During Closure


On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the Santa Ana City Council unanimously proclaimed a local emergency to fight the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and protect public health.

Effective immediately, all City of Santa Ana municipal government buildings will be temporarily closed to the public, including City Hall. This closure period may change based on future guidance provided by Federal, State and County agencies.

Although City buildings will be closed to the public, all essential services necessary to ensure the continuing operation of local government will continue. City staff will still report to work; however, the public is asked to conduct business with the City by phone, email or online at the City’s website at

The following is a list of phone numbers to contact City staff:


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City Attorney's Office Litigation, Lawsuits (714) 647-5201
City Manager's Office Communications, Social Media, Council Services, Census 2020 (714) 647-5200
Clerk of the Council

Agendas, Minutes, Resolutions, Ordinances, Public Records Requests, Local Elections

(714) 647-6520
Community Development Agency Housing Authority, Rental Assistance (714) 667-2229
 Community Development Agency Community Development Homeless Services (714) 647-5378
 Community Development Agency Community Development WORK Center - Unemployment Assistance (714) 565-2686
 Community Development Agency Community Development WORK Center - Employment Information (714) 565-2600
Community Development Agency Economic Development, Business Assistance (714) 647-5477
Community Development Agency Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) (714) 647-6561
Community Development Agency Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) (714) 667-2256
Finance and Management Services Municipal Utility Services (Water Billing), Paramedic Subscription Services (714) 647-5454
Finance and Management Services Business Tax & Licensing (714) 647-5447
Finance and Management Services Proactive Rental Enforcement Program (PREP) (714) 647-5335
Finance and Management Services Dog License (714) 647-5257
Finance and Management Services Parking Citations (800) 989-2058
Human Resources Department   (714) 647-5340
Library Services Library Cards, Bookdrops remain open and materials can still be returned to either library location. (714) 647-5250
Parks and Recreation Parks and Facilities (714) 571-4200
Parks and Recreation Recreation (714) 571-4200
Parks and Recreation Senior Services (714) 647-6540
Planning and Building Agency Main Line (714) 667-2700
Planning and Building Agency Planning and Building Planning (714) 647-5804
Planning and Building Agency Planning and Building Building Safety (714) 647-5800
Planning and Building Agency Planning and Building Building Inspections (714) 667-2738
Planning and Building Agency Planning and Building Code Enforcement (714) 667-2780
Police Department (Non-Emergency Line) (714) 834-4211
Police Department Police Department In the event of an emergency, please call: 9-1-1
Public Works Agency Public Works Dispatch (714) 647-3380
Public Works Agency Graffiti Removal (877) 786-8724
Public Works Agency Pothole Repair (714) 647-3380
Public Works Agency Street Sweeping (714) 647-3380
Public Works Agency Tree Services (714) 647-3330
Public Works Agency Waste Management (714) 558-7761


We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this closure may cause, but we appreciate the public’s understanding and support.

As always, in the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1. For all other information, please contact the City of Santa Ana at (714) 647-5400.

Please check back as this page will be updated with additional services.