The Santa Ana Police Department May Require The Collection Of Fees For Various Enforcement Activities, Services, And Programs

For example, parking citations issued as a result of parking in a red zone can result in a $47 fine pursuant to the Santa Ana Municipal Code.  Excessive false alarms can result in penalty fees ranging from $50 to $400 per incident.

The Santa Ana Police Department's front lobby accepts checks or exact change for the fees.  An ATM is available in the lobby for your convenience.

A partial list of the fees collected by SAPD include:

  Permit and License Fees  
Alarm User Permits * Per Year $34.78
Escort Bureau Permit * Each $780.70
Figure Model Studio Permit * Each $695.00
Ice Cream Truck Vendor Permit Each $225.00
License to Sell Pistols/Revolvers Per License $156.57
Massage Establishment Permit * Each $780.70
Peep Show Permit Each $300.00
Pool/Billiard Permit Each $336.90
Public Dance Establishments - Permanent Each $300.00
Public Dance Establishments - One Day Each $75.00
Pushcart Permit Each $225.00
Solicitation Permit * Per Permit $35.00
Street Closure Permit Per Permit $135.00
Wild Animal Permit Each $135.00



  Service Fees  
Citation Sign Off - Non-SAPD ( Equipment Violators ) Per Incident $15.00
Vehicle Citation Sign Off - SAPD Per Citation $5.00
Copy of Lost Citation Per Citation $2.00
Disturbing the Peace Police Service Each Actual Cost
Driving Under Influence Cost Recovery Per Incident Actual Cost
False Alarms Per Incident Varies
Fingerprint Fee - City Processing Only Per Card $23.00
Firearms Examination *- Basic Function Exam Per Firearm $34.00
Hit & Run Accident Investigation Per Incident Actual Cost
Impound of Owner Release Animals Per Impound $75.00
Land Use Certificate Processing Fee Per Permit $30.00
Police Accident Photos * - 4 x 5 Each $5.00
Police Accident Reports Each $20.00
Police Evidence Tape Each $35.00
Police Immigration/Clearance Letters Each $20.00
Police Incident Reports * Each $20.00
Police Pursuits Cost Recovery Per Incident Actual Cost
Police Security Services Hour Varies
Police Training Video Tape Per Tape $45.00
Reinspection - Plan Checks/Not Completed Minimum $40.00
Request to Review Criminal History Per Request $20.00
Storage of Weapon Per Weapon $100.00



  Parking Fees  
Double Parking Each $45.00
No Parking - Street Sweeping Each $53.00
Overnight Parking Prohibited in Certain Areas Each $30.00
Parking in Violation of "Emergency No Parking Sign" Each $58.00
Parking in a Red Zone Each $47.00
Parking in a Yellow Zone Each $30.00
Parking in a White Zone Each $30.00
Parking in a Green Zone Each $30.00
Parking in a Blue (Handicapped) Zone Each $99.00
Parking in a "NO PARKING" Zone Each $58.00
Parking in Alley Each $38.00
Parking on City Property Each $30.00
Parking on a Sidewalk Each $45.00
Parking within an Intersection Each $45.00
Parking within a Crosswalk Each $45.00
Stopping / Parking in a Fire Lane Each $107.00


For a complete list of all current SAPD fees, click here.

* Refer to the complete list for additional information.