Alarm Systems

Do you have a burglar alarm in your home or business?

If you do, you are required to apply for an alarm permit with the Santa Ana Police Department, per the Santa Ana Municipal Code.  The application and permit process enables the department to monitor excessive false alarms originating from each location.


A false alarm is defined as the activation of an alarm system necessitating response by the police department where an emergency for which the alarm system was designed or used does not exist.


If there is no physical evidence that there has been an unauthorized entry or attempted entry such as pry marks, glass breakage, evidence of missing property, or witness or extenuating circumstances, then the alarm is deemed to be false.  Alarm activations caused by misuse, accidental tripping, system malfunction, animals, insects, or neglect by the alarm user are also deemed false.

Permit Application

It is the responsibility of the alarm user to apply for an Alarm Permit from the Police Department.  There is an annual fee of $36.14 associated with the processing of an application, and a permit allows one false burglary alarm without a penalty.  Applications can also be obtained at City Hall.

Detailed information for alarm permit fees can be found here starting at page 65.

  • The 12-month period is not based on the calendar year.  It is determined by the date of the most recent false alarm
  • After the 6th false alarm in any 12-month period, the alarm user will receive a non-response warning
  • After the 8th false alarm in any 12-month period, the police will no longer respond to alarm activations originating from the location
  • Unpaid alarm penalty fees will result in automatic NON-RESPONSE status


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