Homicide Section

The Santa Ana Police Department's Homicide Section is comprised of dedicated and experienced detectives who are responsible for the following criminal investigations:

  • All homicide cases
  • Felonious assaults
  • Suspicious deaths
  • Officer involved shootings
  • Kidnappings/abductions, including human smuggling and child abduction cases
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Firearm licensing

The mission of the Homicide Section is to build partnerships and work in collaboration to protect the community through the effective investigation of crimes, apprehension of criminals, and providing assistance to crime victims and their families. The success of the section can be directly attributed to a variety of factors. Detectives utilize the most modern technological advances including, but not limited to, DNA and ballistics examination in an effort to identify suspect(s).

In support of the department's problem-oriented policing efforts, the Weapons Interdiction Team (WIT), an integral part of the Homicide Section, oversees the licensing of Santa Ana firearms dealers while coordinating the examination of all confiscated firearms.