Forensics Services Section

The Santa Ana Police Department Forensic Services Section counts on a close-knit team of experts trained in evidence identification, documentation, collection and preservation. The team includes experienced and highly motivated crime scene, firearms, tool mark impression, fingerprint, and photography specialists. Together, they respond to and process evidence collected from crime scenes throughout the city.

Crime Scene Investigations works 24-hours per-day, seven days-per-week, responding to calls for service ranging from burglary to homicide. Responsibilities include examining crime scenes, scene photography, latent fingerprint processing, trajectory analysis, blood stain pattern interpretation, evidence collection and preservation; shoe and tire print impression documentation and casting, and expert court room testimony.

The Santa Ana Police Department Forensic Services Firearms Unit has consistently been ranked in the top ten in nation for ballistic “cold hits;” confirmed firearms links between cases that were previously not known to be related. With one of the few Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms sponsored IBIS (Integrated Ballistics Identification System) stations within the county, Santa Ana Police Department Forensic Services Firearms Unit has had tremendous success in linking crime scene evidence between cases within the city and state. The police department utilizes one full-time examiner, several part-time specialists, and our crime scene investigators that are cross-trained in this specialty in order to work cases quickly and efficiently.

Thanks in part to their professionalism and expertise, the reputation of the Forensic Services Section extends far beyond the borders of Santa Ana. Consequently, our Forensic Services personnel routinely perform evidence examinations for numerous local, state and federal agencies.

CSI-Forensic Services Section