Criminal Prosecution Section

The Criminal Prosecution Section (CPS) provides liaison services for the police department, the district attorney and all other court offices. The primary responsibility of the section is to provide police reports and other documentation that the District Attorney’s Office needs to successfully evaluate and/or file and prosecute a criminal case. When the DA’s Office files a criminal case, the defendant (accused) must face charges in a court of law. The DA’s Office and attorneys for the defense often subpoena police officers, civilian witnesses, and victims to appear in court and offer testimony for and/or against the defendant(s) in the case. The DA’s Office files most Santa Ana cases at the Central Justice Center.

Additional functions of the Criminal Prosecution Section include:

  • Read and approve police arrest reports
  • File citations for misdemeanor crimes, infractions, and Santa Ana Municipal Code violations with the court
  • Provide photos, tapes, and pertinent case evidence to the DA’s office during the “Discovery” phases of a trial
  • Serve police personnel with court summons (subpoenas)
  • Maintain a computerized case tracking system for each case