Information Technology

The Information Systems Division supports the various computerized systems used throughout the Santa Ana Police Department. This includes the Computer Aided Dispatch used in our 9-1-1 center, mobile computers in police cars and Department desktops. In addition to supporting existing systems, the Information Systems Division also leads the Department in the innovative use of technology in order to be as effective and efficient as possible. In some cases, they develop technical solutions and applications in-house. In other instances, they work with sections of the Department that have a particular need and help to evaluate commercially provided systems. Throughout all their efforts, the Information Services Division personnel actively work to serve Department staff so that the Santa Ana Police Department can better serve the community.

The Computer Services Section evaluates, purchases and installs hardware and software technology, maintaining over 100 windows terminals, multiple servers, 400 stand-alone computers, 150 laptops and a myriad of additional desktop devices 24 hours a day. Computer Services strives to bring relevant and necessary information to the patrol officer in the field as well as all operational and support personnel in furtherance of the Chief of Police’s Technological Policing philosophy.

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