Proactive Rental Enforcement Program (PREP)

The Proactive Rental Enforcement Program (PREP) promotes public health, safety, and welfare through a systematic proactive code enforcement effort towards residential rental property throughout the City of Santa Ana.

PREP is intended to promote an environment in which unhealthy conditions and life safety hazards are reduced for occupants of residential rental property by identifying and correcting code violations resulting in a:ArborsApartments

  • Threat to the occupant's safety
  • Threat to the structural integrity of the building
  • Negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods

In 1992, the City Council adopted a residential rental surcharge imposed on property owners who choose to enter into the residential property rental business to pay the enforcement costs of the PREP program including inspection and administration. 

The PREP and Gold Seal Incentive Program new ordinance became effective July 1, 2016 (Ordinance No. 2898).

For more information about the PREP program, please contact:

Sergio Verino
Phone: (714) 667-2716


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