Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division's purpose is to improve neighborhoods through personalized neighborhood contact, eArtistsVillageCourtyardducation of codes and standards, responsive and dedicated personnel, fair enforcement of laws and innovative processes.

The Code Enforcement Division operates a comprehensive enforcement program and investigates violations of the State Health & Safety code; General Property Maintenance and the State structural codes (Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Codes). The Division employs abatement procedures to correct code deficiencies. It is our goal to obtain voluntary compliance from the property and business owners we work with. In the cases where we are unable to obtain voluntary compliance, Code Enforcement Officers have the authority to issue civil citations and/or file criminal charges.

Important Phone Numbers

Report a Violation: (714) 667-2780
Report Graffiti: (714) 786-7824
Police Dept. (non-emergency): (714) 834-4211

To register a foreclosure property please visit Property Registration | Fight Blight

Any questions with respect to registration requirements, registration status, etc. should be directed to SUPPORT@PROCHAMPS.COM.

The Code Enforcement Public Counters will Close at 2:30 pm on Thursday, June 28, 2018




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Code Enforcement Division
20 Civic Center Plaza Ross Annex
(M-19) Santa Ana, CA  92701

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Residential Commercial / Industrial 
The Residential Response Team addresses violations on single-family and multi-family properties. The Commercial Response Team enforces zoning violations on commercial and industrial properties.
Proactive Rental Enforcement (PREP) Temporary and Permanent Signs
Sample Residential Site Plan Sample Commercial Site Plan
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