Youth Sports Programs

youth_image.pngThe City’s Youth Sports Program

Provides instructional training in rules and regulations as well as fundamental skill development, practices and games for children in pre-kinder through eighth grades.  The program currently offers the following four seasons:  Co-Ed Rookie Baseball, Co-Ed Flag Football, Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball.

Registration take place online and at Jerome Center located at 726 S. Center St., Santa Ana, CA 92704.  Registration for each individual season takes place as follows:

  • May – Co-Ed Rookie Baseball
  • August – Co-Ed Flag Football Read more
  • November – Boys Basketball  Read more
  • February – Girls Basketball

The current registration fee is $38.00 (subject to change) and includes a team shirt, and eight week season and participation trophy for all players.  Most teams practice up to twice a week and play at least one game each week.  All activities take place after 5 pm on weekdays and 8 am on weekends.   For more information, please call the Youth Sports Office at (714) 571-4264.