Athletic Facility Reservations



Reservations Administration Office is located at Centennial Park:

Centennial Park 3006 Centennial Road, Santa Ana, CA 92704 (Map) - Southwest corner of Centennial Park.

Athletic Facility Permits

Athletic Facility Permits are issued under the City’s Athletic Facility Reservation Policy.  This policy and its accompanying Athletic Facility Use Allocation Guide outline the requirements and fees associated with the permitted use of these facilities.  

Any person or organization interested in reserving an athletic facility must adhere to the policy and its designated process as listed below.


1.   Athletic Facility Use Application.

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2.   Athletic facilities will be allocated under the established priority classifications to organizations that meet all the requirements.

3.   Payments for athletic facility use due 15 days after permit approval and/or prior to reservation.  Acceptable payment options include credit card (online only) or money order.  No cash or personal/business checks accepted (School districts and colleges exempted).

4.  Athletic Facilities are to be used by permittee only.  Never allow another organization or group to use a field under your permit.  The City reserves the right to revoke a permit and/or impose a permanent ban from using City fields if permittee subleases their permit.


For more information regarding field use please contact:

Reservation Office: 
(714) 571-4225




Athletic Field Reservation Policy

Athletic Field Reservation Policy - Spanish version


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