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Parks Master Plan process

planning process for the master plan

Phase 1: Parks evaluation

This phase involves looking closely at everything as it is right now.

Key steps that will occur as part of this process include:

  • Conducting a complete inventory of parks, facilities, recreation trails
  • Determining the amount of open space we currently have.
  • Conducting an inventory of current and pre-COVID programming
  • Examining our General and Landscape Maintenance operations
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews to get their initial thoughts and vision

Phase 2: Community needs

This phase involve reaching out to City residents and park users for input!

Key steps that will occur as part of this process include:

  • Conducting a city-wide survey
    • You can take this survey online, or fill out a paper survey.
    • This survey will be available in many ways, such as the city website, water bill inserts, pop-events, virtual outreach meetings and at our community centers.
  • Holding Virtual Outreach meetings and Pop-Up events
    • Dates will be announced on the city website and via social media.
  • Identify Needs based on community input.

Phase 3: Priority projects

This phase will put together the information collected from Phases 1 and 2.

Key results that will occur as part of this process include:

  • Development of new system-wide policies
  • Operational recommendations
  • Identification of site-specific recommendations
  • Prioritization of projects.

Phase 4: Plan adoption

This phase involves creation of the Parks Master Plan document, and its adoption!

A draft Parks Master Plan will be developed, refined, and presented to the Parks, Recreation & Community Services Agency, Recreation and Parks Board, and City Council for final review, approval, and adoption.

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