Neighborhood Initiatives: Our Neighborhoods

Santa Ana's neighborhood associations have been a very effective vehicle to encourage citizen participation for over thirty-five years. The experience of each neighborhood in our community is different whether that be in the areas of their history, leadership, the built environment or current issues and concerns. Each neighborhood is able to receive support from Santa Ana's Planning and Building Agency and is able to access assistance in the areas of capacity building and leadership training. Santa Ana residents typically find that they are able to focus on what they have in common through their neighborhoods and through their association, magnify the impact of their efforts. Information on meetings for each Santa Ana Neighborhood Association is available.     Refer to the attached citywide  neighborhood map.   

Tap or click here for current  information on development projects in our neighborhoods and an interactive map.

Santa Ana Neighborhood Associations Map

Santa Ana Neighborhood Associations Maps and Websites

Click on the neighborhood name to view more information such as maps, demographics, websites and more. Some neighborhoods have their own webpage refer to their webpage for more current information. 

Neighborhood Links will assist Santa Ana NA's and CBO's to create web pages.