Building Stronger Neighborhoods

Santa Ana's neighborhood associations have been a very effective vehicle to encourage citizen participation for over thirty-five years. The experience of each neighborhood in our community is different whether that be in the areas of their history, leadership, the built environment or current issues and concerns. Each neighborhood is able to receive support from Santa Ana's Planning and Building Agency and is able to access assistance in the areas of capacity building and leadership training. Santa Ana residents typically find that they are able to focus on what they have in common through their neighborhoods and through their association, magnify the impact of their efforts. Information is available  on each Santa Ana Neighborhood Association.     Refer to the attached citywide  neighborhood map.   

Tap or click here for current  information on development projects in our neighborhoods and an interactive map.

Neighborhood associations in Santa Ana are the institutionally recognized citizen participation vehicle and this opens many doors for residents who choose to be active. In addition, the Santa Ana Communication Linkages Forum (Com-Link) further serves to represent the leaders of Santa Ana's diverse neighborhoods and is comprised of a seven member Board of Directors elected by the leadership of our neighborhoods. Com-Link's work is ongoing and typically addresses issues of citywide interest, i.e. public policy in the areas of safety, development, finance and community standards. The group has a 25+ year track record of success and has monthly general membership meetings that are open to the public.

In May 2019,  Santa Ana's Santa Anita Neighborhood received national recognition through the organization, Neighborhoods USA (NUSA),  for the social revitalization of the community.  Tap or click here for a copy of the 2019 NUSA Awards Competition nomination.   

In addition, there are hundreds of community-based organizations in Santa Ana. They include our 64 neighborhood associations, nearly 50 parent groups at schools, over 100 faith-based organizations, 25 service clubs and over 200 non-profit social service agencies not to mention the municipal agencies and private companies with an interest in civic engagement. Refer to the Resource Network Page.

Santa Ana is home to 28 Mobile Home Parks. General Information and resources for renters, owners and property owners in the State of California is available here.

Meetings, Civic Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities - Each month, hundreds of Santa Ana Residents participate in neighborhood meetings, which bring them together to focus on what they share in common.

Communication Linkages - Santa Ana's Neighborhoods are represented by an elected Board of Citizen leaders. Com-Link meets each month to address topics of citywide interest.

Connect-to-Council - Connect-to-Council works with Council representatives to bring informative resource events to neighborhood leaders and residents. The organization works in several ways to help improve the communication between Santa Ana residents and City government. Members are committed to help educate the residents on where to turn for help in solving their neighborhood problems.

Leadership Training Tips and Tools - Leadership training and capacity building for neighborhood leaders are an important part of Santa Ana's long term strategy to encourage civic engagement.

Community Event and Project Planning - Are you planning an event for your neighborhood? Support is available from the Neighborhood Initiatives Office. Call (714) 667-2260 or visit our Community Event webpage.

Through the City's Neighborhood Initiatives Program, you can request a dumpster free of charge for a neighborhood clean-up event.

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