Library Tours

Youth Services and Adult Services staff provide library tours to teachers and students in Santa Ana to encourage them to learn about and to use the library effectively, especially to help them explore the valuable resources available in the Children's Library.

The tour also gives students a better understanding and knowledge about the Library's various functions and services, such as the After-School Homework Help and Tutoring Program in the Learning Center, special children's and teens' programs, the process of obtaining a library card, and the responsibility of a library user. The following activities may be available during your visit:

  • Tour of the Library
  • Storytelling
  • Library skill instructions: on-line catalog, Dewey Decimal System, book care, and Library policies and procedures

Please schedule your visit at least three weeks in advance by contacting the Library near your school. Print out a Library Tour Request (PDF) form and submit it to the library.

In order to allow students to check out items during the Library tour, we recommend that students apply for their library cards prior to the tour. Three weeks before the tour, teachers may request application packets from Youth Services at (714) 647-5258. Teachers may also print application forms from the library website.

For more information, please call the appropriate number below.


  Pre-School - 8th grade


 (714) 647-5258 


  9th - 12th grade


 (714) 647-6913  




 (714) 667-8235