Library Advisory Committee

Our Library patrons love our library system and have expressed concern about ensuring that the Santa Ana Main Library remains a safe place for all and provides an atmosphere that is wholesome and conducive to learning. Santa Ana is a community that faces challenges like those of any urban city, but one unique challenge is that our Main Library is situated in the government center for Orange County, the Civic Center. Because of this, the Main Library experiences, day-in and day-out, significant wear and tear on our beautiful marble building and its grounds. This building has been, for its 55 years, a symbol of the Santa Ana community’s hope that it will have the opportunity to learn and grow, no matter the age, culture, language, income, or religion of those that come here.

Because of our patrons’ expressed concerns, Library staff is launching the Library Advisory Committee, which we hope will become an active group of concerned Santa Ana residents coming together to discuss ways to keep the library safe for all to use and to ensure that it continues to develop as a resource that sheds the light of knowledge wherever and whenever it is needed.

Not all communities have great public libraries. We are fortunate that Santa Ana has a great library and because of that we invite you to join the Library Advisory Committee and help us develop ideas that will support the library and explore opportunities to make it an even better place for all to enjoy.