How They Traveled

Deciding how to travel to Santa Ana would seem to be a simple choice of affordability, convenience, and availability. However, during the turn of the 20th century traveling to Santa Ana took many different forms:

  • horse, horse-drawn carriage
  • cars
  • train, electric trolley
  • airplanes
  • and elephants

The modes of travel changed  as Santa Ana grew and new technology developed. For example, as the agricultural community flourished, the Santa Fe Railroad established Santa Ana as a terminus on its way to San Diego. During the 1900s, cars became available and the Pacific Electric Railway expanded their services, connecting Los Angeles and Santa Ana. By the 1920s, Santa Ana had a budding aviation community that included many pioneers such as Glen L. Martin and Eddie Martin.

Santa Ana Hotel Carriage shop Horse drawn street cars Horse and Wagon First woman to drive Hendrick's 4th St. Garage Red Car Electric Trolley
S. C. Best Bus Line Grading for the Railroad Loading the train Santa Fe Depot 1905 Circus Parade Glen L. Martin 1910 Eddie Martin 1921