Water Resources Division Wins Sustainable Infrastructure Award for Smart Water Meter Program

Date: July, 20 2021 Category: Public Works

The City of Santa Ana has won the Smart Cities North American Sustainable Infrastructure award for our Advanced Water Metering Infrastructure project. This “Smart Water Meter” project is a cutting-edge meter technology that will be installed for all Santa Ana customers over the next three years. The meters will wirelessly send usage information to the utility office, allowing the office to proactively notify customers of leaks, high usage or other potential events. Customers will also have access to around-the-clock water use information on their smartphones and computers to help save water and money by managing daily use.

The award is designed to recognize the progress North American municipalities have made in executing Smart Cities projects, as well as providing a forum for sharing best practices to help accelerate Smart City development in the region. The Water Resources Division's win illustrates best practice examples of how forward-thinking municipalities are effectively leveraging technology and innovation to offer new services and economic opportunities to meet the needs and expectations of residents. The Sustainable Infrastructure Award will be presented to the City in October 2021 during the Smart Cities Conference in Maryland.

Click here to learn more about the Smart Water Meter program.