Restaurants, Grocery Stores Should Take Extra Safety Precautions

Date: April, 02 2020 Category: City Council, COVID-19

The following is a letter from Santa Ana Mayor Miguel A. Pulido to our local food businesses. The signed letter is attached to this message.


To Our Local Businesses,


Take-out and delivery restaurants, grocery stores and other food providers in Santa Ana should take every precaution to prevent the possible transmission of COVID-19 to their customers.


Coronaviruses are spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets and can contaminate the surfaces of packaging and containers. The use of gloves, facemasks and other protective gear, as well as frequently sanitizing surfaces, can help prevent that. Food industry workers who are sick or have symptoms of illness should stay home and not go to work.


I commend our local food providers for continuing to provide necessities to our community, and our residents for continuing to patronize local restaurants through take-out and delivery options. We all must support local businesses as much as possible during this difficult time.


While I have faith that our local eateries and markets will do their best to take the necessary precautions, I still advise the public to use caution and protect themselves. That includes sanitizing food packaging after purchase, washing hands after handling packaging and after removing food from the packaging, and of course washing up before preparing and eating food.


If we all do our part, we can overcome this crisis together.




Miguel A. Pulido