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Free Local COVID-19 Testing for Santa Ana Residents by Appointment

Date: January, 29 2021 Category: City Manager, COVID-19, Notification




Free COVID-19 testing for Santa Ana residents is available at five kiosks located around the city. An appointment is required.

Schedule a painless, self-administered COVID-19 test today at



Government-Issued ID

  • Valid picture ID with address

Cell Phone

  • For communication during the test and listening to & following instructions.

Insurance Card*

  • After registration, your details will be validated & a photo with your insurance ID will be taken.

*You will still receive a free test if you do not have insurance



Register Online

  • < 3 min
  • Complete a short online health questionnaire using our secure platform.

Get Tested

  • < 3 min
  • Arrive at your registered appointment time and follow the posted signs. Our clinical team will walk you through collecting your own sample.

Receive Results

  • 24-48 hrs
  • Your results will be sent to you on a secure, HIPAA compliant system, by your selected preference – text or email.

Telemedicine Consultation

  • < 24 hrs
  • Our providers / physicians will follow up with you to address any and all concerns. We’re here for you.


Questions? Call (800) 446-8888.