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City Won’t Give Street Sweeping Tickets Through May 31

Date: March, 30 2020 Category: COVID-19

The City of Santa Ana has extended its suspension of street sweeping parking tickets through May 31.

This order, which was authorized by the City Council’s proclamation of local emergency, means the public won’t have to move their vehicles during street sweeping. This will help people comply with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order for COVID-19.

Only street sweeping parking citations have been suspended. All other City parking fees, rules and citations remain in place, including residential permit parking.

The street sweeping ticket suspension is retroactive to March 15, so no street sweeping tickets received from that date need to be paid.

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel A. Pulido asks everyone to follow State and County health orders by staying home, not congregating in groups at parks or other locations, and maintaining social distancing.

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