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City of Santa Ana to Receive $28 Million in Pandemic Financial Assistance under Governor’s Budget Revision

Date: May, 14 2020 Category: COVID-19


The City of Santa Ana would receive $28.79 million in State funding to help cover the costs of battling the COVID-19 pandemic under the Governor’s proposed budget revision.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s May Budget Revision announced today would provide $450 million in financial assistance to all cities in California that were ineligible to receive direct funding through the federal CARES Act because their population is below 500,000. Those with a population over 300,000, including Santa Ana, would receive the new State money directly without the funds being passed through the counties. 

This direct financial aid was requested by the California Big City Mayors Coalition, of which Santa Ana Mayor Miguel A. Pulido is a member. The funding must be spent on pandemic-related costs.

“I thank the Governor for including this much-needed financial assistance to the City of Santa Ana and other California cities in his budget proposal,” Mayor Pulido said. “For the past two months, the City of Santa Ana has marshalled its resources to fight the pandemic and protect public health. This money will help us continue these efforts.”

The Santa Ana City Council declared a local emergency on March 17 and the City closed all municipal buildings, park amenities and other facilities to the public. The City has continued to provide essential services to constituents, while also implementing new programs to provide financial relief and assistance to residents and businesses during this difficult time.

However, the City is projecting a significant budget shortfall due to the loss of revenue during the pandemic. The City Council is scheduled to have a work-study session about the City budget on Tuesday, May 19, at 5:45 p.m.