Grants for Blocks Program

Many of you are aware of residents and organizations that are interested in improving their neighborhoods and the Santa Ana community. These groups frequently have very good ideas for quick and simple projects that would build upon local strengths and assets. Encouraging this collaboration between residents and community based groups is an important community development goal. Grants for Blocks is a program that is designed to encourage this collaboration. The program is funded by corporations willing to provide grants to be used by neighborhood groups. The Grants for Blocks Program will provide grants of up to $500 to fund worthwhile projects that will improve our community. These efforts may involve youth and parent groups at schools or volunteers working with community based organizations to help their neighbors. The projects that receive a grant will be developed by community groups and carried out by them as well. These groups can be neighborhood associations, parent groups at schools, the faith community, community based groups, social service agencies and the business community.

The Resource Network encourages community groups to send us their ideas for projects that would help their neighborhoods. We will be looking for projects that bring as many different people and groups together as possible, and that will make a real difference in neighborhoods. They will also have to be projects that can be completed with a $500 grant and the help of the people in the group.

If your project will require more than $500, the project will need to provide the additional funding or ask neighborhood businesses to match the grant or donate services. It is highly encouraged that groups obtain pledges of assistance from other project partners.

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Grants for Blocks is operated pursuant to the guidelines approved by the City of Santa Ana. The project is fiscally sponsored by Charitable Ventures of Orange County, a 501 (c)(3) . Funding proposals are not currently being accepted. Refer to the attached sample application for greater specifics. A detailed Program Description may also be obtained by calling (714) 667-2218. Donate Now.

Major corporate sponsors are: Project Active Living in Santa Ana (ALISA), State Farm Insurance, First American Financial, Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Downey Savings and Loan, The Bank of America Foundation, The Wells Fargo Foundation, Wal-Mart, AT&T Wireless, and Verizon Wireless.

Look for the funding announcement for Grants for Blocks in an upcoming issue of the Resource Network Newsletter. For additional information, contact Margarita Macedonio at (714) 667-2288 or e-mail at

Additional information on Santa Ana's Resource Network is contained in the attached functional organization chart.