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Meet Your Executives - Steven Pham, Human Resources Executive Director



Message from Executive Director

Welcome to the City of Santa Ana's Human Resources Department web page.

The Human Resources Department provides leadership, programs, services and advice for all City departments. We promote excellence in personnel management to enable departments to achieve their service and business objectives.

The Human Resources Department's proactive approach positions it as a leader in the organization and strengthens the City's ability to attract and retain a diverse, talented, engaged and productive workforce. We partner with managers to ensure they have the right tools and resources to manage people in the most effective manner.

The City of Santa Ana is committed to building a high-performing, diverse workforce that has strong and effective leaders; is service-oriented and engaged; where a healthy and safe workplace exists for all its employees; where positive relations exist with its unions and employee associations; and where learning is a continuous activity. Employees actively engaged and committed to the organization at all levels are the essence of civic service excellence.

Please explore our site and learn more about the resources, services and programs that our Human Resources Department has to offer. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or inquiries. Thank you for your interest.

Job Seekers

Access information about employment opportunities, job descriptions, and recruitment FAQs.


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City Employees

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City Retirees

Find out more about post-employment benefits, and changes created by the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013.

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Employee Salary and Benefits Survey

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