Homeless response teams

To help us tackle homelessness, we deploy two teams: the Quality of Life Team and CityNet.

Quality of Life Team

The Quality of Life Team (or "QOLT" for short) is a multi-disciplinary team that addresses concerns related to municipal code violations, property storage, and improper use of public and private property. The formation of this team brings all stakeholders together in the field to efficiently address issues. The QOLT provides outreach, including shelter and mental health services, to people experiencing homelessness.


CityNet is an outreach team that helps the City of Santa Ana's public safety dispatch transition homeless-related calls for service that do not require an emergency response to be responded to by subject-matter experts who are highly trained in the profession of homeless services.  CityNet uses trauma-informed techniques to offer crisis intervention, mental health, addiction, and medical services to provide the best response to those in need.

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